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10 helpful tips to follow when switching web hosts
You've made your decision to move from your website from your current web host to a new web host. The following tips will help you make the transition easier and make you aware of some potential pitfalls to avoid.

 Web Hosting: Shared or Dedicated - Which should you choose?
Before you begin your search for a web host you should first determine whether you need shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting.

 An Introduction to Domain Names
You type a domain name into a browser and visit the site. Sounds simple, but did you know that there is more to the process than meets the eye?

 Setting Up Your First Web Hosting Account
Setting up a web hosting account for the first time can be confusing and frustrating for the novice. This article will guide you through the steps of setting up a new web hosting account for your website.

 The Downside of Free Web Hosting
When looking for a web host you'll come across free web hosts that don't charge you anything for hosting your website and others that charge a fee for hosting. This article will explore the downside of using a free small business web hosting company.

A Short Guide to Affordable Web Hosting
For individuals & businesses, choosing an affordable web hosting plan on a limited budget is a challenge.

Benefits of Web Hosting and Choice of a Web Host
Well let me start this way, a lot of people don't know why we need web hosting packages, some people feel web hosting ids just another Internet thing, while others feel web hosting is an opportunity for some people to make out something i.e. money making.

Choosing Your Web Hosting Company - Get It Right The First Time!
Most companies and small businesses need a company to host their websites. Have you looked for a web hosting company on the Internet lately? How many web hosting companies did you see? There are literally thousands of web hosting companies, each competing for your business. So, how to pick the right one?

Different Types of Web Hosting Explained
There are many different types of web hosting available. Which type one chooses should hinge upon what one wants to accomplish with his or her web site. Some web hosting services are free, but place ads on web sites. Whereas other web hosting types can be more expensive, but provide a lot more assistance and bandwidth.

Finding the best web host for your needs
So your business has decided that it is time to make its presence felt on the internet. You have your all your information ready, and you may even have created your website which it is ready to go live on the internet.

Having The Best Web Hosting Plan
If and when you’re interested in starting a business online, there are a lot of things that you have to study first before you can rightfully expect a high ROI or return on investment.

How To Choose A Good Domain Name?
So now you understand the importance of your own domain name, how can you ensure that you pick a good one? Consider these factors:

Inexpensive Web Hosting
Selecting an inexpensive web hosting service provider can be confusing. Providers are full of claims that they may or may not adhere too. Finding a quality service provider that is affordable is a tedious task.

Is my choice of a web host really that important
With such a huge market of web hosts on the Internet you may be lead to believe that they all are basically the same. I would caution you to rethink this philosophy.

Joining a Web Hosting Affiliate Program
Do you currently host a website? joining a web hosting affiliate program can make you significant revenue when used properly, plus you can easily recoup the costs of bandwidth and server space.

New Techniques for Marketing Your Web Hosting Company in 2006
There are many ways to market a web hosting company. Traditional methods include web hosting directories, banner ads on webmaster sites, search engine placements, ppc advertising, and so on.

Reduce the cost of your website with ease
f you have a popular site, then you might notice some problems occur. Typically the site may slow down, you may have excessive bandwidth charges, and people start to complain that your site is taking too long to load. What can you do?

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Web Hosting Company
As a business, your website can make you or break you. As a result, you need to choose a strong company to handle your web hosting.
When you are ready to start your journey into the web, you don't necessarily need the most expensive web hosting account you can find.

Web Hosting - 10 Things To Avoid
Ok, here's the rub: there are thousands of web hosting companies out there that have very low prices. The fact is that a cheap web hosting company offering very low rates is doing this for a reason. And the reason is that they are doing a tremendous amount of volume.

Web Hosting Basics
Web hosting can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Most people think that you have to hire an expensive company to handle their web hosting services.

Web Hosting - Choose Affordable, Cheap Web Hosting
Web hosting offers you the opportunity to put your web site online, when you think about it; it's the only way you can do it. No matter how large or small in content your web site happens to be it has to go onto a web server.

Web Hosting Common Mistakes
In the course of doing business, we serve many customers. Likewise, in doing business, we will also be plagued by different problems.
Following is a list of the common mistakes that different web hosts tend to commit.

Web Hosting Fees - What am I paying for
There are millions of sites out there offering some form of web hosting. With prices ranging from fifty dollars a year to thousands of dollars a month, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Web Hosting On The Cheap - Costing You More In The Long Run!
Your business is your lifeline. Thus, your web hosting company is the heart of your business. However, some Internet Business owners fail to recognize the difference between Business Web Hosting and other, types of cheap web hosting.

Web Hosting Provider Reviews Help You Decide
There's no doubt that it's tough to choose a web hosting service. The variety of services available mirrors the complexity of choosing a mobile phone service plan.

Web Hosting Requirements
n scouting for a web hosting company, always ensure the disk space and amount of traffic needed.  Amount of Disk Space  The requirement of a small or medium web site is between 10 and 100MB of disk space.

Web Hosting - The Internet Marketing Tool
An important part of doing any kind marketing today is definitely an effective Internet marketing strategy, and for that the first thing you need is reliable web hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting?
For businesses, organizations, or people looking to host a website the most popular and cost effective choice is usually shared web hosting. For many websites shared web hosting is the ideal solution.

What is Web Hosting
Web hosting is a service that allows you to put your website (domain name) on the internet. After you have thought of a name for your website and registered the domain name, the next step is to find a web hosting service from a web hosting provider.

What Makes A Good Web Hosting Provider
When building your website and getting it hosted online, you want your site to be up and running on the World Wide Web 24/7 without any hitches so that it is making you money all the time and all you have to worry about then is getting visitors to your site, doing seo, getting repeat visitors, maximizing your sites revenue, etc.

8 Things You Must Do If You Want To Have A Working Ecommerce Web Site
E-commerce is a growing process that more and more businesses are realizing is necessary to have as part of their business model.

Small Business Web Hosting - MateMedia Inc.

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