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Registrar Transfer FAQ

Denied Transfers
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The cost to transfer a domain is just $20.00, and this adds one year on to your registration term. For example, if your name expires in January of 2002, you can transfer it to us and once the transfer is complete, the new expiration date will be January of 2003.

To begin, click here. If you have an existing account with us, enter your username and password. If you have never used our services before, click on the New Users button, and set up an account with a username and password. This is how you will get access to your domain once the transfer is complete.

You will receive confirmation of your request immediately. Also, within 24 hours, the administrative contact listed in the WHOIS record will be asked to verify the transfer request. Please make sure that the admin contact's email is up-to-date before submitting a name for transfer.

In the admin approval email, there will be a link to click on, and a code to cut and paste. Once you've approved the transfer, your prior registrar may email you their own confirmation letter. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. Once you've approved the transfer with them, your name should migrate to our system within 5-7 days. FOR THIS REASON, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU BEGIN THE TRANSFER PROCEDURE AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION DATE.

The information currently contained in your domain will remain the same prior to, during and after the transfer. Once the domain has successfully transferred to our system, you may begin using the online management system to make any changes you like.

Denied Transfers

If your domain will not transfer because it has expired, or if your registry has it locked until you renew it, you do have a couple of options. One is to pay the registrar their fee to renew it for a year, and then continue the transfer. The other is to allow the name to be released, and then try to re-register it. We don't recommend the second option under any circumstances.

It's entirely possible that someone else will get your domain before you have a chance to reserve it. Additionally, it is the policy of some registrars (most notably Network Solutions) not to release the domain no matter how long it has been expired. If you want the domain at all, you'll have to pay them at some point, sooner or later.

Therefore, we recommend that you do renew the name with your prior registrar for one additional year. Then, you can continue the transfer process to our system. You lose nothing by doing both. You'll get a one year renewal from your prior registrar, and then we will add one MORE year on to the end of your term.

If you have already paid for a domain transfer, and it has been denied by your registrar, you can keep the transfer active, and, as previously mentioned, continue the transfer after you have cleared your hold status at your prior registrar. Should you choose to cancel the transfer, however, we'll be happy to refund your money. All we need is the domain you're trying to transfer.

Email Link

If your link returns a value of "invalid key" after you paste the approval code in, this is most likely a result of multiple emails being sent out. The latest version of your admin approval email makes all older versions obsolete, and any key off these old emails will not function properly. If you receive an invalid key warning, check for a later email in your inbox. If it's not there, contact support to have a newer one sent.

If the link you're clicking on for transfers returns this response- "Warning, your ID is invalid. Contact technical support", then the remedy is to have the entire link contained in the browser window.

Some email programs have a "page-wrap" feature that breaks our link into two parts, like this:

If you wish to verify and approve the transfer(s), visit the following link:

For conveniences' sake, let's break this down like this:
If you wish to verify and approve the transfer(s), visit the following link:


You will have to copy (CTRL + C) the first part of the link (which begins with "https:" and ends with "?" in the case above) and paste (CTRL + V) into the address bar your browser window. Do not hit GO or hit the Enter key yet. Return to the email and copy the second part of the link on the line below the first one (which begins with "email" and ends with "=" in the case above) and copy it into the address bar of your browser window, after the first part of the link you pasted there earlier.

In your browser window then, the address you need to go to is:


Check Transfer Status

You can use the Check Transfer Status tool to manage your domain transfer away from your previous registrar to our system. 

Access the Manage section through our Member Login with your username and password, and select the Check Transfer Status link. Your domain transfers will appear. Some will require no intervention from you (marked in green). Others (marked in yellow) may require you to resubmit an admin approval email if the domain has not been approved for transfer with us. Or, you may resubmit a domain for transfer to your prior registrar if it has been approved on our end, but your prior registrar denied the transfer.

If a domain appears in red, it's status cannot be determined automatically. Please contact us for help with these domains.

A domain that has successfully completed transfer will appear in blue.
Some of the most common reasons for your prior registrar denying the transfer include:

Not answering their confirmation email in time.
Not answering their confirmation email in the proper format.
The domain is expired or otherwise locked due to nonpayment.

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