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Web News & Tips - Issue #292

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5 Common Myths about making money on the internet

Web News

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$7.00 per month web hosting from MateMedia

5 Common Myths about making money on the internet

By Joel Teo

Many people I realise, have a mistaken notion about making money on the internet. Making money online is possible if one casts aside some myths that are perpetuated online and embraces a comprehensive internet income education. 

Myth one: You can make money with “Get Rich Quick Schemes”

Some people online give the impression that making money online is possible with get rich quick schemes. A prime example of this would be the chain email that promises to pay you US $5 if you put your name below the person who sent you the email and forward it to others. Such schemes fail because most people would just put their own names on the top and email it out. 

Another reason to avoid get rich quick schemes include the prospect that you get cheated of your money. There are many online business money making ideas and ventures that are rather risky and some are outright fraudulent. It would be advisable for you to do some due diligence before you commit your money to sign up for the program. Always read all the company information before you put any money down. Analyse the business model of the company. Find out basically what the company does to make money. If you cannot figure this out, find another company that you can understand. Warren Buffet incidentally uses this strategy to make money from his investments as well. 

Myth two: Every business opportunity online is a scam

Some people on the other hand, believe in the proverbial expression “Once bitten twice shy”. Due to a lack of circumspection, they put their money in a fraudulent company and then later tell others that all online money making ideas are a scam since they lost money placed in that company. While it is true that some internet money making ideas are fraudulent, once should not think that all are scams. The internet has empowered many to start their own money making home business and one should not give up before even starting out on their money making internet business without spending time to due research on a company they come across. 

Myth Three: One needs to be computer savvy to start an internet business 

Many people make money online with just the knowledge of how to click and paste and design a simple website. Any successful marketer online would attest to the fact that complex website design and the more technical stuff can be done by the programmers. The job of internet marketing on the other hand is what you ought to be focused on to make money online in your internet business. 

Myth Four: One is limited by geographical boundaries 

It is quite strange that in this market economy, some people still hold onto the misguided notion that despite running an internet business, they are still limited to their geographical boundaries. The “Internet” has a global reach as most of us would know by now and to make money online, one has to discard such a view and embrace the power of the wired generation. 

Rather I would say that with the right tools and a good website, an internet marketer could reside in Singapore and earn an internet income while he sleeps at night. Adopt the right attitude to the attainment of an internet marketing education and you would start seeing your online income skyrocket and you will really be making money on the internet. 

Myth Five: An Internet Business requires very little work 

The power of online tools and ideas to help you build a great internet income is always taken by some to think that building an internet business requires very little work. Forget such a notion ever existed. Every business venture both online and offline requires some element of hard work. When you start your internet business, spending time planning a business plan and your personal plan of action is critical. Do not shy from hard work for it may reap you rewards later as you see your business income come in and you will make money.

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Joel Teo is the owner of, a website dedicated to helping others achieve work at home success. Visit his website or sign up for his free monthly tips and tricks ezine at

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Web News

$7.00 per month web hosting from MateMedia

By integrating online and offline activities, Internet users have been able to extend their reach beyond their previously one-dimensional capabilities. A late 2003 study conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project found that the majority of Internet users have become reliant on the Internet for a number of tasks, but some activities are better conducted offline. 

People spend the bulk of their time online communicating with one another and content-related activities come in a close second. Buying things online and searching command a much smaller amount of users' time. These are the conclusions of the new Internet Activity Index (IAI) launched Thursday by the Online Publishers Association (OPA). 

With phishing attacks skyrocketing, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a consumer alert detailing ways Web surfers can avoid being fleeced by online scammers.

The FTC, which has aggressively targeted phishing as a major problem for Internet users, warned that scammers are using sophisticated, high-tech tricks to deceive consumers into disclosing credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security numbers, passwords and other sensitive information.

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