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Web News & Tips - Issue #241

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Seven Tips For A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Web News

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Seven Tips For A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

By William Siebler

Often there can seem to be very little difference between two marketing campaigns. However the difference between average marketing and profitable marketing is immense. Here are my 7 tips for ensuring success from your marketing campaign. 

1. Promote to the right audience. 

If your campaign is to succeed it must be aimed at the right people. That is people that are willing and able to respond. In other words they have a need/want for your product/service and the money and authority to buy it. You need to know exactly who you are after and make sure the promotional medium you use is correct. So if you're selling something to Accountants then you need a list of Accountants to make your offer to. Makes sense right. 

2. Minimize risk for the customer. 

A potential customer will not buy from you if they believe the risk of doing so outweighs the return they will get. Or if they are unsure that you will deliver what you have promised. So ask yourself what can you do to let the customer know that the risk is firmly stacked on your side and they really have nothing to lose? Answer this question and do it to maximize results from your campaign. 

3. Set up a follow-up system. 

Rarely will you make a sale the first time you come into contact with a potential customer. Stats show you may need up to 7 contacts before they buy. So you must have a follow-up system in place for your campaign. Get their email address and permission to stay in touch and make sure you do. Follow-up with useful information for them and you will increase your sales. 

4. Make an irresistible offer. 

You want people to buy right? To make sure they do your offer has to be great, in fact it should be irresistible. As a guide it should sound almost too good to be true but not too good, people are skeptical. More than likely each customer you get will buy again from you in the future so make their first purchase a small step and stack the deal in their favor. For example 'get your first bag of Jim's Choice Coffee for just $1 (normally $8.50) if you buy today'. 

5. Know the lifetime value of a customer. 

Acquiring a customer can seem expensive but it's not if you consider what a customer is worth over their lifetime with your business. Let's say Jim's Choice Coffee keeps a customer for 3 years and the customer buys one bag of coffee a month from him. That's 36 months times $8.50 a bag - $306 over their lifetime with his business. See how it makes sense for him to offer a bag for $1 to start that $306 relationship. 

6. Track your progress. 

You have to know the numbers on your campaign. How many enquiries? How many sales? What was the value of each sale? Did you make a profit on the campaign? Will you make a profit over the lifetime of the customers? You need this information to know whether the campaign was successful. Also if it's a long term campaign these figures can tell you if you need to make changes along the way. 

7. Analyze and repeat or improve. 

Once you have your figures you must analyze the campaign. If it's profitable you should keep running it. If it's not you need to find out why. Was it the offer? Was there too much risk for the customer? Was the advertising medium wrong? Didn't you follow-up properly? What went wrong and how can you fix it to make the campaign work. Make changes and try again. Keep trying till you find the winning formula. Marketing is trial and error but making sure you analyze and learn as you go. 

So what's your next marketing campaign going to be? Apply these 7 tips and reap the rewards. Good luck. 

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Web News

While Microsoft faces a number of lesser competitors, the software giant continues to garner share in server operating system markets. 

IDC said Microsoft will hold its dominant position in the worldwide market for providing operating systems for server environments through 2007. 

The Framingham, Mass.-based research firm went on to say that despite continued competition from Linux, Microsoft's share of worldwide server operating environment (SOE) new license shipments grew from 50.5 percent in 2001 to 55.1 percent in 2002. The company's client operating environment (COE) new license shipments inched up from 93.2 percent to 93.8 percent of the worldwide market. 

Those that fill director/vice president of networks positions were graced with the largest IT pay raises in 2003, as IDG's Computerworld annual salary survey indicated an average 6.8 percent increase for the execs, followed by e-commerce managers who got a 4.6 percent hike. 

The survey, conducted from May through July 2003, found that the average raise of the nearly 15,000 respondents was about 6.7 percent, surpassing the 4 percent average increase the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics expects workers to receive. 

The majority of Chinese computers are infected by viruses, according to a survey conducted by the public information network security supervision bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. These security breaches could have some disastrous consequences as the survey indicated that computer viruses are still the main threat to China's information network security. 

The growth of rich media is unstoppable and big bold ad units are really taking off, according to the Q3 2003 ad serving trend report from DoubleClick. Meanwhile, plain vanilla units like banners continue their decline into nowheresville. 

The New York-based ad technology company said its report data represents one of the largest pools of information from both publishers and advertisers on ads served during the period. The data is based on nearly 1.1 trillion ads served by DoubleClick for clients globally since Q1 of 2002. 

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