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Web News & Tips - Issue #239

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I've Started My Own Online Business - Now What?

Web News

A Step by Step Guide to Getting Started on the Web

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I've Started My Own Online Business - Now What?

By Sonia Colon

People ask me this question all the time! The "Now What" part is what grabbed my attention. There is so much more than just having an online presence. Just because you have a web site does not mean your work is done. You need to constantly promote, promote, and promote. 

Is like that old saying "opportunity will not coming knocking at your door, you need to look for it". The same thing basically applies to your online presence success. You need to practically advertise your online business every day. It is well known that it will take at least seven visits to your site by the same visitor to perhaps make a sale. Ask yourself these questions: 

*What are you doing to keep that visitor coming back? 

*Why should someone spend their hard earned money on your product? - Do you offer great customer service? - Do you offer discounts and or specials? 

*What makes your products unique? 

*When you do have an order, do you follow up? 

*Do you have a testimonial page on your site? 

*Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

*Is it safe to order at your site? 

*Is your site pleasant to visit? In other words, do the colors compliment each other? 

*Is your site easy to navigate? 

*Do your images download fast? This makes a big difference on whether your visitors will stay, let alone return! 

Answer these questions and you'll be surprised with the results. If you've answered YES to all of them, congratulations you're on the right track. Keep in mind that you need to constantly advertise both online and off to get the word out about your online business. Also, having your own EZINE is a great marketing tool. Work on it and see for yourself. If you tackle these small but very important areas of your online business, you should have a better chance to keeping your visitors coming back and turning them into potential customers, which translate into SUCCESS!

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Web News

Intentions to spend more online for the holiday shopping season are building, BIGresearch revealed in a monthly survey that analyzed who will be spending more, less, or the same in a variety of channels. 

While the month-to-month figures show that many U.S. shoppers are gearing up for gift- giving, there are fewer that are intending to spend more than those who were surveyed in October 2002. The good news is that those who are planning on spending more over the coming three months are going to do it online. 

The digital divide has not disappeared, as research reveals a correlation between household income and Internet usage, with high earners spending the most time online. 

The Capital region of the United States composed of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC has the greatest percentage of affluent Internet users, with nearly 36 percent earning an annual household income over $75,000, followed by New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire) at just over 35 percent. The findings come from a Pew Internet & American Life Project study that analyzed the nation's online population and regionally categorized users. 

Aussies are logging on in record numbers with 62 percent of the population maintaining an Internet connection at home up from 50 percent in 2001 a 2003 RedSheriff report indicates, and August 2003 measurements from Nielsen//NetRatings found that two-thirds of Australia's Internet population of nearly 13 million are active users. 

Furthermore, 84 percent have been online for more than two years, and nearly half have been logging on for more than five years, RedSheriff revealed. 36 vice presidents; and 154 other C-level executives, to determine their key issues. 

"Go to your room!" doesn't have the same impact on kids as it used to, as a Knowledge Networks/SRI study finds that a significant number of children have various media and entertainment devices in their bedrooms. Based on interviews with 245 children ages 8 to 17, the firm found that the kids' domain is rife with media usage. 

According to the study, 61 percent have a television in their room, and while 17 percent of the kids have a computer mouse planted next to the TV remote control, only 9 percent have Internet access. More than half the kids surveyed (57 percent) said that all their Internet usage takes place in their rooms, and 61 percent of their parents enact rules restricting Web use. Comparatively, 69 percent of kids without a Net connection in their rooms have parental restrictions. 

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