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Web News & Tips - Issue #234

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Web News

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Site Content Will Do the Marketing

By Dean Mapa

Ken Evoy, that venerable of marketers, has always preached it and his practice has made other webmasters' sites perfect: Content is King!

Indeed, many successful online marketers have made their money in direct-selling web sites. But, unless you have the copywriting savvy of Marlon Sanders and others like him, content is the way to go.

Here are a few solid reasons why:
It makes you look like an expert.
Even if you don't write all the content in your site, if visitors like what they read they'll perceive you as a webmaster who publishes value. Add a few of your own and they'll visit again looking for more.

Content is good for link popularity.
If a site with content links to your site with content, you stand a better chance of going up in search engine rankings. Google, for one, favors sites with content.

It doesn't look like all you want is their money. With content you can intersperse your affiliate links here and there and make them look like recommendations instead of blatant sales pitches. Readers are more likely to click on a friendly recommendation than a link that shouts, "Buy me, buy me!"

Visitors will more likely subscribe to your newsletter.
Read again the first point above. When you're perceived as an expert or, at the very least, someone who knows what he's talking about, people are bound to take notice and would want to hear more. I subscribed to newsletters not because I was promised some valuable gift, but because their site told me it would be worth subscribing to their newsletter.

A content-full web site might not get you instant sales, but it will give you steadily-growing income that will come from loyal subscribers and visitors. What you want is a long-term business and not a fly-by-night.

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Web News

IT professionals that want to follow the jobs may want to consider a move to India, as ITtoolbox finds that the country claims 21 percent of the global companies that outsource abroad. While 72 percent of the 612 IT professionals that were surveyed said that they outsource all or a portion of their IT functions, 31 percent went outside their own countries.

The August 2003 survey reveals that the majority (36 percent) outsource to take advantage of cost savings, while nearly 15 percent have a need for special skills or services. Roughly 14 percent preferred to use their internal resources for other purposes, followed by nearly 12 percent that cited a lack of in-house expertise. 

Wireless service providers who fell at the bottom of a J.D. Power and Associates survey may want to call their customers to apologize for poor service. The research found that dissatisfied cell phone users were almost four times more likely to switch carriers, causing them to lose their portion of the multibillion dollar revenue pie. 

According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the mobile telephone sector generated more than $76 billion in revenues in 2002. Nearly all (95 percent) of the total U.S. population live in counties with three or more different mobile telephone operators, and 83 percent of the U.S. population live in counties with five or more operators competing to offer service. 

Spurred by compelling applications, interactive devices, dropping hardware prices, and easier installations, home networking is expected to penetrate 27 percent of U.S. households by 2008. Jupiter Research (a unit of this site's corporate parent) finds 31 million American PC-centric households will be created by 2008, with wireless taking the lead by 2004, and In-Stat/MDR predicts the global market to grow from $1.8 billion in 2002 to $5.3 billion in 2007. 

The Internet offers myriad opportunities for political candidates, including fundraising from supporters and advertising for new voters, according to a study. 

The survey, commissioned by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) in conjunction with the University of Connecticut's Center for Survey and Research Analysis, found that more than two- out-of-three U.S. voters are likely to turn to the Internet to find information about a candidate. 

Channel-crossing customers could cause chaos during the 2003 holiday shopping season, as research from the e-tailing group, inc. finds that retailers are ill-equipped to handle the online purchase/in-store return combination. 

Nearly half (44 percent) of the 16 evaluated stores offering the "shop online/return in-store" function required a manager to override the system to complete the process. The study found that there were compatibility issues that prevented easy returns, such as Internet invoices that lacked tax, credit card and order number information. The problems led store salespeople to call their e-commerce counterparts for clarification, and resolution occurred on average of 6.6 minutes. 

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