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Web News & Tips - Issue #222

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors’ Suspicion Into Trust

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors’ Suspicion Into Trust

By Hans Klein

On the internet, the biggest obstacle to selling online is earning the website visitors’ trust in you and in your product.

Think about it. They don’t know you; they can’t see you, and the internet is new and may be little known to them.

Well, one of the easiest ways to earn their trust is to turn the tables around and make the website visitor feel like you’re the one who risking the most, and they have nothing to lose by purchasing your product.

The place where this is normally done is in your guarantee, but as you will see this is not the only place where this can be done.

1. Give an explanation for everything! - Tell the visitor what to expect. Where will they go after the pay? Why are you offering such a great price? Why is your product so easy to use?

By telling the customer what to expect, they will not be as suspicious because they will get the logical reasons they desire to justify their buying decision. 

2. Offer a full refund, plus double, triple, or even quadruple back their money. The more outrageous, the more you sell!

Your goal is to get the customer to think you are going to give them the shirt off of your back.

Of course, in reality this will not happen (unless you do something really crazy) because if you really do offer a valuable product usually only a few percent of buyers will ask for a refund, but you will sell to a lot more people who were afraid to lose out on an outrageous deal.

3. Sell your USP! A big mistake in the selling process is to sell the product and not your unique selling position (what sets you apart from your competition). 

By selling your unique selling position, you again give your potential customer the logical justification they need to buy your product. 

Your unique selling position also builds confidence in you and your product because they will see the value you offer over competitors.

4. Offer a full refund if the customer can find a better price. This guarantee is effective because most customers will not worry about a few dollar difference after they buy it, but when they are shopping it gives them confidence that they can buy now and not have to shop around.

This technique if often used in expensive electronic retail stores because they know people like to shop around before buying expensive products.

5. Tell your story. When you let the potential customer know about yourself and who you are, they are more likely to trust you with their time and money. You are no longer a possible hidden scam artist, in their view, but a real, living person who has something valuable to offer. 

And of course, stories are interesting and get the reader involved, rather than just giving them a bunch of boring facts about your product.

These are just a few ways to gain the trust of your website visitor, but there are many more ways you can come up with on your own. All you need to ask is, “Will this add more credibility to me and my product?” 

With this in mind, you will turn your site into an online “store”, and not just another anonymous website.

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Web News

First impressions are very important to online shoppers, as Genex finds that consumers are willing to forego low prices and brand-preference if they have a poor online experience. 

A whopping 65 percent of the 1,100 U.S. Internet users that were surveyed won't patronize a poorly designed site — even that of a favorite brand — and 30 percent reported that Web site design is more important than a great product. Even rock-bottom prices only persuaded 4 percent to shop on a poorly designed Web site. 

What's worse is that nearly 30 percent stop buying from their favorite offline store if their online experience is poor. 

According to May 2003 measurements from Nielsen//NetRatings, the number of active Internet users in 13 nations has declined by nearly half a million since April 2003. The number of active users is an estimate of the number of people that actually go online in a given month, rather than the number of people with access. 

Dropping prices could be the defining criteria for the 4 percent rise in adoption of high-definition television (HDTV) [define] sets in the U.S., according to analysis from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG), and 33 million HDTV-capable households are predicted by the end of 2007.

Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for LRG discusses the findings contained in the June 2003 report: "With over 275 million television sets in U.S. households, it will be many years before HDTV sets become the norm. Yet with prices decreasing, purchasing an HDTV set is becoming a default for the high-end TV buyer rather than an active decision to get an HDTV set. This will result in the sale of millions of HDTV sets in the next few years." 

According to April 2003 figures from Nielsen//NetRatings, Seattle tops the list of Internet penetration markets, with 81 percent of its inhabitants connected. However, aggregated data from The Media Audit for the first quarter of 2003 puts Ann Arbor, Mich. in the lead position at more than 76 percent penetration. 

Appearing in the top twenty for both lists are the following markets: Seattle; Boston; San Francisco; Hartford, Conn.; Washington, D.C.; Denver; Orlando, Fla.; Salt Lake City; and Minneapolis. 

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