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Web News & Tips - Issue #219

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Online Networking Through Reciprocal Links

By Judy Cullins

What is Networking? 

Networking can make you rich with wealth, referrals and sales. And much more, it can bring adventures, challenges, friends, relationships, and passion. Exchanging reciprocal links is the Online version of networking. Here's seven reasons for exchanging links. 

Seven Reasons for Exchanging Links 

1. When you exchange links with Web sites related to your topic (product or service), visitors who click your links will already be targeted and interested in your information and products. 

2. It's free. Exchanging links is free. The only cost is to hire a computer, Web master, or virtual assistant to submit the links and upload the links that other people send you. You could be paying for targeted visitors from pay-per-click search engines or ezine ads, but with reciprocal links, it's all free—and you develop great new relationships. 

3. You'll increase your popularity because search engines notice links and will look at your numbers to list you Web site higher. You're also getting free targeted advertising. 

4. You build up your resource directory with reciprocal links, thus offering an extra service/feature for your visitors as well as advertising your Web site at the same time. 

5. Visitors come faster to your Web site when they click on someone else's link page. Search engines can take months to list you. New Web sites can quickly build a flow of traffic through reciprocal link exchanges. 

6. Your link is guaranteed and people can always find you 

7. When you submit a short description your link is customized, and you should offer the same to your link partners. A longer link can offer a free ezine or tip and bring far more Web visitors back to your site. 

Start your friendly, yet profitable, Online networking today. Just visit a related Web site and ask. Or, notice related email businesses' descriptions and ask for a link exchange. 

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Web News

Even when consumers are not actually transacting online, the Internet strongly influences purchases. According to a Channel Intelligence report, nearly half (45 percent) of the respondents to a Spring 2003 online questionnaire indicated that they were researching product information, rather than making an immediate buy. 

Of the remaining 55 percent that had purchasing intentions, 11 percent immediately bought online, and 6 percent immediately bought offline. The locale was more difficult to determine for the 21 percent who indicated they would buy within 48 hours, and the 17 percent who intended to buy within the week. 

While Internet service providers take steps to block pop-ups, a study shows why the format has such staying power: it works. 

According to an analysis, pop-up ads generate a click-through 13 times that of the standard 468 x 60 pixels banner and a conversion rate more than 14 times better. The unit's performance dwarfed long banners, 728 x 90, which had a click-through rate slightly higher than the standard banner and a lower conversion rate. Skyscrapers were also found effective, with a 60 percent higher click-through rate and 20 percent better conversion rate. 

Whether it's used for research or for purchase, the Internet is an increasingly valuable tool for travelers. According to an April 2003 My AvantGo survey of more than 1,000 individuals, 52 percent purchased more than half of their travel needs online, with 29 percent indicating that they made all their travel arrangements on the Web. As an added bonus, 30 percent plan to increase their online travel purchases over the coming year. 

Of those that have made online travel purchases, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) bought airline tickets, more than two-thirds (66 percent) booked a hotel room, and half secured a rental car. 

Central America, the predominantly Spanish-speaking area that separates the Caribbean from the Pacific, is the southernmost region of North America, encompassing roughly 202,200 square miles. Consisting of fertile and rugged land that is dominated by a string of volcanic mountain ranges, the area is home to approximately 38.2 million citizens. 

While the chief crops of Central America continue to be bananas, coffee, and cacao, gold and silver are mined there and the region is becoming economically more diversified. The 2 percent Internet penetration rate is expected to increase as more technical positions are created and the industrial and service sectors develop. 

Costa Rica leads the online population, with a 10 percent Internet penetration rate. Belize's 18,000 Internet users account for 7 percent of the total population, while Guatemala's 200,000 surfers only represent 2 percent. 

Honduras' 8 ISPs serves a scant 1 percent of the population, accounting for approximately 26 percent of the total number of providers in Central America. 

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